Weapons Charges
Using a weapon when committing a crime can significantly increase the jail time sought by prosecutors. Upon conviction, the use of a gun during a crime will typically add 15 years to the sentence, while the use of a knife or other weapon will add 5-10 years.

At Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin, we aggressively defend clients accused of weapons charges, including:

  • Armed robbery
  • Assault with a deadly weapon or firearm
  • Possession and trafficking of illegal guns and automatic weapons
  • Home invasion
  • And others

A Strong and Effective Defense
Our goal in every weapons case is to defend our client’s rights and freedom by building a strong and effective defense. The principal of our firm, Brittany Pedersen, has extensive experience in all types of criminal defense efforts, including in crimes involving weapons and illegal firearm possession.

These cases can be tough to win, and no firm can make guarantees regarding the outcome. In addition, successful negotiation for a lesser charge or reduced sentence is less likely than in those cases which do not involve weapons. However, success is possible. One of the major goals of our defense effort in an armed robbery case is to find a way to separate the weapon from the accused, the crime scene, or the alleged crime. If that can be done, then we can focus on defense against the underlying criminal accusation itself, the alleged robbery.

During the entire legal process, we keep the client informed of all options. We will energetically work to achieve the best outcome possible; including dismissal, acquittal, or a negotiated plea if that can be obtained.

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