Domestic Violence Defense & Orders of Protection
Conviction on a domestic violence charge, violation of order of protection or even having a restraining order filed against you can result in loss of child custody rights, loss of, or restricted child visitation privileges, and can have other negative consequences such as loss of gun ownership rights. Your name will be on police records and if you are pulled over or investigated for any reason, the officer may subject you to more intense scrutiny than would ordinarily be the case.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney
If at all possible, you should try to avoid a domestic violence conviction. Failing that, you should seek an outcome which mitigates the consequences and limits the damage to you and your family.

Attorney Brittany Pedersen successfully defends clients accused of domestic violence. Her firm, the Law Office of Brittany M. Pedersen & Associates, has extensive experience in all types of criminal defense, as well as family law matters. In defending people accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse, we have three aims:

  • To protect the civil rights and the freedom of the client.
  • To prevent the event from ruining the life of the client.
  • If possible, to resolve the matter in such a way as to preserve the family unit or the client’s relationship with other family members.

“He Said, She Said”
Quite frequently, in a domestic violence or Order of protection proceeding one party will attempt to gain an advantage by making a false claim of domestic battery against the other spouse. These can turn into “he said, she said” disputes. But even if there is not physical evidence, they can be difficult charges to defend against. We carefully investigate the chain of events which led up to such allegations, using third-party evidence and interviews if possible. We strongly believe that people should not be convicted on false evidence and we aggressively defend our clients.

In other cases, there may have been an event that comes close to or does constitute domestic violence or abuse. In these situations, we can sometimes avoid a conviction or mitigate the consequences by negotiating with the State’s Attorney to obtain the client’s placement in a treatment, counseling, or anger management program. Brittany M. Pedersen & Associates works with counseling centers and service providers in Cook, Kane, Dupage, Dekalb and Kendall counties.

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