At Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin, Ltd., much of our criminal defense practice involves the defending juveniles accused of property crimes, drug crimes, battery, weapons crimes and other criminal acts. We believe that an isolated breaking and entering or shoplifting charge should not be allowed to ruin the future of a young person. We understand that juveniles often admit to crimes that they may have or may not have committed due to their age and lack of experience.  However, just like adults juveniles are protected under the US and Illinois Constitution.  Our firm fights on the behalf of juveniles making sure that their rights are protected and safeguarded.

Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin understands the various alternative sentencing programs offered in Kane, DuPage, Cook and DeKalb County.  These programs include Second Chance Programs, Juvenile Drug Court for non-violent crimes, or gang-related intensive probation programs for violent crimes.  Brittany Pedersen works to either advocate at trial on behalf of juveniles or negotiate resolutions which enables the accused to obtain a dismissal of charges in exchange for restitution and community service when possible.

In every case, our goal is to obtain the best outcome possible, while protecting the rights and freedom of the client.

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