Child Support
Child Support & Parentage Lawyer

In the State of Illinois, the amount of child support a parent owes or receives is based on formulas in the law. Illinois child support laws consider the incomes of the parents, the amount of time the child lives with each parent, and certain other expenses and factors in setting the required payment level.

The legal area of child support involves a great deal more than just a simple application of the formulas as expressed in the statutes. At the Law Office of Brittany M. Pedersen & Associates, we are experienced family law attorneys who help clients in all aspects of child support and related family matters.

If you are owed child support, we can work to make sure that you receive all that you are entitled. If you are responsible for paying support, we can work to make sure that you are not paying more than you should pay.

Our child support practice includes:

  • Determination of required child support levels
  • Modifications to child support payment amounts
  • Child support enforcement

In life, nothing is certain. When it comes to a job or career, a person’s fortunes can vary widely. A layoff or a period of forced idleness due to a workplace injury can severely reduce a person’s income. In these cases, as well as in situations where a responsible party’s income increases markedly, the law allows a party to seek modifications to child support payments. In most cases, we can achieve these cost-effectively and without the need for you to appear in court.

Some people may attempt to hide income in order to keep the child support payment at a minimum. In these cases, our firm can hire an investigator or forensic accountant to uncover the income and obtain the child support payments you are owed. 

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