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Theft & Robbery
Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin aggressively defend people accused of all types of property crimes. The principal of our firm, Brittany Pedersen, has many years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. She believes that every person deserves the strongest defense possible.

Our firm defends people accused of felony and misdemeanor property crimes, including:

• Theft
• Residential burglary
• Armed robbery
• Car theft
• Possession of stolen property
• Employee theft
• White collar crime and fraud
• Internet fraud and theft
• Retail theft/shoplifting, and others

Protecting Your Rights, Your Freedom, and Your Future
Our firm works to protect the rights, the freedom, and the futures of our clients. When we go to work for a client, we will carefully examine all aspects of the events that led to the client’s arrest. When possible, we will analyze the facts and collect evidence to obtain a dismissal or acquittal of the charges. When the facts do not allow this, and only after consultation with the client, we will negotiate with the State’s Attorney to obtain a reduction of charges or punishment.

Much of our criminal defense practice involves the defense of juveniles accused of property crimes, drug crimes, and other criminal acts. We believe that an isolated residential burglary or retail theft charge charge should not be allowed to ruin the future of a young person. We understand the various alternative sentencing programs, including the various county’s Second Chance Programs, Deferred Prosecution Programs, Alternative Treatment Courts and Alternative Probation options for non-violent crimes. The programs and courts enable the accused to obtain a dismissal of charges in exchange for restitution, community service or other terms.

In every case, our goal is to obtain the best outcome possible, while protecting the rights and freedom of the client.

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