sex crimes
Criminal Sex Crimes
Chicago, Cook County, Kane, County, DeKalb County & DuPage County Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

For years, attorney Brittany Pedersen has defended people accused of criminal sexual assault and sexual misconduct offenses, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Statutory rape
  • Sex offender registration crimes
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Child pornography, and others

In sex crimes defense, no single approach can guarantee results. Successful defense of such charges depends on a careful analysis of the facts, hard work, and determination on the part of the defense attorney. Examination of the evidence on a fact by fact basis can reveal weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, or mitigating factors in favor of the defense. Developing a strong defense requires the cooperation and the frank and complete honesty of the accused.

When Brittany Pedersen & Associates takes a sexual offense case, she works closely with the client to uncover all relevant facts and information. Using her knowledge and experience, and that of skilled investigators, Brittany Pedersen works to build the strongest case possible. Our defense team will look for inconsistencies in the accuser’s story and in the testimony of police detectives. We have extensive experience in the use and analysis of DNA evidence, and can call upon expert witnesses who can challenge such evidence, when this may help the client.

Throughout the entire legal process, we work to protect the rights and preserve the freedom of our clients.

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Child Pornography Defense Lawyer
An arrest for possession of child pornography can have devastating consequences. Even if you avoid conviction, the stigma of a child pornography arrest can follow you for the rest of your life. It can damage your career and harm your family and personal relationships.

A child pornography arrest need not be the end of the world. Depending on the circumstances, there may be effective defense strategies available.

Attorney Brittany Pedersen has extensive experience defending clients facing charges of child pornography, internet sex offenses, sexual assault, and other serious felonies. Her firm, the Law Office of Brittany M. Pedersen & Associates, aggressively defends the rights and freedom of clients accused of violations of child pornography laws, including charges of:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Production or distribution of child pornography
  • Internet solicitation of a minor, and others

Building an Effective Defense
When our firm undertakes the defense of a person accused of child pornography crimes, we look at every possible aspect of the case. We work with some of the nation’s leading computer forensic experts to determine how the image or images came to be found on our client’s computer, and what they truly are. Sometimes the conscious action of the accused brings the images to the computer, but other times this can happen inadvertently or they can even be placed there by malevolent spyware. We examine the image itself, is it a photo that depicts a real event or is it a virtual image? Are the people depicted truly minors or could they be adults?

Brittany Pedersen and her defense team will examine every aspect of the situation and build a strong case, with the aim of mitigation of punishment, dismissal of charges, or acquittal at trial. An effective defense to child pornography charges is possible.

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