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Driver’s License Suspension & Reinstatement

Illinois Driver’s License Attorney
Your driver’s license has been suspended. You need your car to get to work, pick up the kids from daycare, go to school, or drive your delivery truck. What do you do? Illinois residents who have had their driver’s licenses revoked have a great many questions.

At Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin, Ltd., we are experienced driver’s license reinstatement attorneys. We have helped many clients deal with the aftermath of a DUI arrest or traffic violations and subsequent license suspension, and we can help you.

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Will I get my license back?
For license reinstatements, if you have no prior driver’s license suspensions, it is possible to get your license reinstated. You will need to prove to the Illinois Secretary of State that you have changed and that you are a safe driver. This may involve admitting that you are an alcoholic and participating in a substance abuse program such as AA. You must demonstrate through concrete evidence that you are over your drinking problem.

How long will it take?
That depends. The usual process is to get an Illinois hardship license for one year, and then a full driver’s license after that, provided there have been no additional violations and a treatment plan is in place. This process usually takes 3-5 years, but it could last an entire lifetime if there are any violations or other subsequent problems.

Secretary of State Hearings (Driver’s License Reinstatement)
For years, Brittany Pedersen has represented clients seeking driver’s license reinstatements. She represents the client from the initial date of license revocation through and including reinstatement of driving privileges. With a large network of professional counseling services, Attorney Pedersen and her staff ensure that all evaluations, treatment verifications, after-care plans, discharge summaries, and updated evaluations are correct and proper according to the Secretary of State’s standards. Our policy is to start a client at step one of the reinstatement procedures and work with him or her throughout the entire process to full driver’s license reinstatement.

DUI penalties can be severe, but they can be successfully dealt with and overcome.

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