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Know the DUI Laws

Many individuals who are arrested for DUI must make decisions while under stress. They do not understand the rules for taking, or not taking, a field sobriety test or a Breathalyzer test. Most people do not know that if they refuse a Breathalyzer test it results in an automatic six-month driver’s license suspension. By the time an individual calls a DUI lawyer, they have already been charged with DUI and significant damage has been done.

Kane County DUI Lawyer

The best hope for them is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who can mitigate the consequences. The attorneys at Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin have helped clients overcome the worst effects of a drunk driving arrest. As skilled Kane County DUI lawyers, theu understand how to obtain a dismissal of the charges or a not guilty verdict when possible. When it is not, he knows how to negotiate with the State’s Attorney to minimize the negative consequences for the client.

Two Proceedings, Two Outcomes

A DUI arrest triggers two legal proceedings, a criminal procedure that can lead to conviction, a fine, and a jail sentence, as well as an administrative procedure that can result in suspension of the person’s driver’s license. These two proceedings are part of the same drunk driving incident, but they are very different matters.

Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin will handle all areas of a DUI defense, from getting a temporary permit to drive and litigating statutory summary suspensions of drivers’ licenses in the administrative procedure, to forensic investigations and arguing motions to suppress evidence in a DUI trial. When it appears that the State’s case is flawed, Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin attorneys will work to obtain a not guilty verdict at trial or an outright dismissal of the charges. If the State’s case is strong, he can seek to reduce the penalties, possibly by securing your participation in a treatment or diversion program so that you can put the event behind you and go on with your life.

After a conviction and the loss of a driver’s license, Pedersen, Campbell & Irvin can work to obtain a reinstatement of your driving privileges.

A violation of Illinois drunk driving laws can result in serious consequences. Whether this is your first DUI arrest, or you are a repeat DUI offender, our firm will work to obtain the best outcome possible.

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